Nine Patch:  The Humble Workhorse – The Nine Patch is one of the most versatile easy blocks you can make.  It’s the first block we learn to do when we begin our quilting journey.  Let me show you at least nine different quilts where the Nine Patch is the star. This is a continually evolving program. There will always be a minimally nine quilts to show. Workshops are available to accompany this Program.

Q^ Program Description – Q^ (Quilt Up) is elevating the ordinary, breathing life back into things that are cast off.  It is a combination of the Five Hands Theory of Giving (Handmade, Second Hand, Hand me Down, Hand in Hand and Helping Hand) and RRR (Reduce Reuse Recycle). I’m going to show you some wonderful examples of quilts created with things that were tossed and found, thrifted, or donated.  You will look at shirts, ties, old jeans, and bridesmaid dresses, Aunties linens in a whole new light. This program is ever evolving and there are at least 12 pieces in the trunk show, and the pieces rotate in and out of this program.

Retreat To Creativity  – This program is a trunk show with 18 pieces that correspond with the six themed retreats that I coordinated with the Fauquier County Quilters. Let me inspire you to create beautiful pieces both large and small for your home and loved ones.

If interested in any of these programs or needing more information please contact me at Be sure to put “Quilt Program” in the subject line.