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Lately, I’ve noticed a trend in crafters and quilters tidying up their creative spaces.  Last time I did that it took weeks!  When I read Pat Sloanes blog a month back about getting UFO’s done she suggested getting them all together and prioritizing them.  Listen, it is a wonderful idea, but if I do that no one will be allowed in the front door for months.  Really, it’s frightening how chaotic the place gets when I get into one of my creative bends.  And it gets worse when I try to clean and organize it.  Does this happen to you?

Perhaps it is because I try to work on two or three projects at any given time.  And then there is always one gnawing to get out of my head and onto my machine.

That being said, who among us has a 24 x 36 cutting board and is only ableDSCN2376 to use 12 x 12 of it?





Or press fabric, and have no flat surface to put it on, only to put it on the chair, and then sit on it?  DSCN2377

The day will come when walking into my play room will not be an embarrassment. I dream of a day when everything is in its proper place and I actually remember where that place is. It would be marvelous to go looking for a certain piece of fabric or paper, a button or needle and know exactly where it is.

No matter what your creative work style is, enjoy and revel in you creativity, let it flow through you. Until next time I’m going to roll around in my mess and make something beautiful!


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