Haberdashery Pieces – Part One

It is always exciting to get a box from my sister Terry of Terry Burris Quilting Services.  This specific box was no exception.  Prior to the holiday I sent her some of my retreat samples to enhance.  Although, my work is lovely enough, it lacks a certain depth and life until Sissy gets it.

My concerns with these pieces were my color choices.  They laid a little flat.  The color only, as the pieces themselves…not so much.  Again, I am working with neckties.  Neckties are a joy to work with on several levels:  they are thrifty, they come in pretty colors, most are silk.  It is also an emotional “tie” to my early creative process.  However, on another level they are mischievous!  They are all bias, stretchy and misbehaving.  It was my intent to see if I could cultivate a masculine following for my quilting with this piece.

Because of the bias, it was my decision to use a fabric foundation to reel in some of the stretch.  For the most part it does work.  If you are not going to cut with the bias, then this is the route to go.  These foundations are from “Foundation by the Yard” by Sharon Hultgren for Benartex.

The fans appealed to me, but I found them a bit feminine for this piece.

A circle however…now that would work.  It takes four of the fan foundations to make the circle.

There is also something a little emotional about the circle:  life cycles and karma immediately come to mind.  The circles looked like they needed to be contained hence the cobbled together mitered border.


If I were to do the large piece again, I would applique over the circle as opposed to piecing that center spot.  Terry did a fabulous job of making everything look like it blends.


I am totally thrilled with the finished piece.  And hope this inspires you as much as it does me.


Til next time…


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