Haberdashery – Part Two

Although the Haberdashery wall hanging did not have the contrast I had hoped for, it was still an attractive piece.  And I had lots and lots of tie scrap to use up.

One of the points of this body of work is to use as much of the material as possible in the projects.  So with so much left over I continued with a “series”.

The log cabin table topper is truly a masculine piece.  Simple and handsome, this would look lovely on a dresser or table.  Log cabin blocks are pieced on a 3 1/2″finished foundation.

No room installation is complete without complimentary  pillows.  And aren’t these lovely?!


The circles are done exactly like the wall hanging except smaller.  I did decide though to use yo-yo’s in the centers for a more interesting visual texture.  Cute yes!

The second pillow is made with tiny little log cabin blocks, about half the size of the blocks used for the table topper.  They are delightful, but don’t sneeze when you’re sewing or you are bound to loose one




Like most of my quilting creations, they just don’t shine as bright until they are quilted.  Terry Burris Quilting did a fabulous job to make these shine beyond my expectations.


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4 Responses to Haberdashery – Part Two

  1. Teddi says:

    Those are amazing!

  2. Mama Kati says:

    I LOVE the pillows! They give you the look of a larger quilt without having to save up that many ties. I sometimes have a short attention span and these are more like samplers. They are both really beautiful and seem like projects that wouldn’t wind up in the UFO box. Well done Diane.

    • Thank you Mama Kati. It has happened where I will see a bed quilt and fall in love with the visual of the project. Then I go out and purchase the fabrics and realize I’m not fond of the process of making the blocks. This is a nice way to test drive a project without becoming fully invested. It didn’t happen this way with this series of projects, but I can see doing the little stuff first before investing time and materials in the bigger quilt.

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