Necessity is the mother of invention


I’ve been unpacking.  And unpacking, and unpacking some more.  Everything old is new again.  Being so open, my new sewing studio was an easy spot to just drop and stack boxes…and that we did.

That being said, my sewing room isn’t totally set up so I’ve been working on my handwork (read bindings).  There were some pieces that had been quilted for years that only needed a little attention.  So, I focused on what I wanted to use for the guest room.  I found this lovely little piece that I had made as a class sample about 15 years ago.  Making an Eye Spy quilt was fun, but working with larger hexis was equally fun and fussy cutting my florals for the setting triangles was easy.

This sweet quilt was so much fun that I wanted it to be bigger than originally planned.  Well, I mean to tell you that lovely pale teal-blue was a big hit and there was none to be found.  The darker blue is  a lovely complement and makes it look as if that was the plan all along.  Terry Burris Quilting always makes my work shine and this is no exception.  She quilted a little posie in each and every hexi.  Sweet right!

I love the way it works in so nicely with the colorwash wall hanging and the floral Brave New World quilt from a few years back.

Happy piecing!



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2 Responses to Necessity is the mother of invention

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    Beautiful quilts, Diane!! Yay for finishing!

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