And We’re Off! Welcome 2017

Do you love lists?  I love lists.  Every year I make a new one.  Or two.  Or several.  This year is no different.  What an ambitious set of lists I have!  According to my lists I’m going to make some lovely things for my home, finish some beautiful gifts for my family, add the finishing details to projects that have been long neglected, and make a dozen pieces to donate to local causes.  Ahhh that New Year hope, isn’t it grand!

One of my promises to self is to keep track of what I use and not replace it all.  I have a very generous stash and I find that once in a while it is difficult to focus with too many choices.  Also, I’m getting to an age where I may have STABLE (stash beyond my life expectancy), and that is not good.  I see a dumpster moving in before my body is cold.  So for every 5 yards I use up, I can buy 1.  Let’s see if that works!  Not certain how that is going to work for the shirts and jeans and ties.

Having recently moved, I’m also trying to find my “Quilt Tribe”.  One would think that this is a no-brainer, but it can be challenging, especially if you are a little shy.  I will find them though and this year will be a very productive year making beautiful things.

I’ll show my progress as I progress.  Sew what are your plans?




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Creative procrastinator. Cock eyed optimist. Family historian - with the story being the important part. Quilt coach, lecturer and creator. Scrapbooker, card maker. Modern vintage. Wine lover. Explore new places, let's travel - let's go!
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7 Responses to And We’re Off! Welcome 2017

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    Good luck! I’m not buying anymore fabric unless I need it to go with. With a move looming sometime in the future, my goal is to use a lot of what I have making charity quilts.

  2. Mama Kati says:

    STABLE… OMG! I LOVE that one! Never heard it before, it’s a keeper. I have lots of ‘stash’ too. I no longer buy FQ’s they aren’t much use to me unless they are solids or blenders. I buy at minimum 4 yards now. It’s a decent amount to do some thing with. I have heard the battle cry of “OMG! I ran out of this fabric can anyone help me?” too often. Trying to find the original is tough. I buy it up front. I have a slightly different problem however. My mind is working a Mach 1 and my body is asking if it’s nap time? I have so many ideas, really good ones , ones that want to do. I collected fabrics for my grandson for something special for years. He didn’t stay little, he grew up while I was looking for the fabrics. There are cute little girl fabrics for a grand daughter who is 16 now . All the AM Girl outfits I wanted to make… My will to make stuff is smoldering. I’m missing the get up and go gene and I hear you on the dumpster being brought to the house before my body is cold.. I still have mobility. I still have my eyesight. I need to get moving on all those projects and UFO’s . As you know life has handed me some difficult circumstances in the past few years . They took my joy away for quite a while. I’m trying to crawl out of the hole that fate dug for me. Most days I feel so disconnected from things. I need to organize my room and take inventory of my supplies and my ability to make the projects happen. Thanks for the nudge. You rock Diva…

    • Mama Kati you know I feel it! The only FQ’s I buy now are for “eye spy”. And I thought I bought enough of that green that I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, well…one would think that would teach me. You creative mind is one of the best I’ve encountered! You do go at Mach1. It is always such a pleasure to collaborate with you as you have the ability to think both in and out of the box. I hope to do a UFO a month. And two if they are small. Lord knows after a couple of those retreats I have plenty to work on. Organize? Every time I attempt that I make a bigger mess than I started with. But I do try. One big thing I learned over the years: SHOW YOUR WORK. You never know who you are going to inspire.

      • Mama Kati says:

        Organizing sewing room… One perk about growing older is when its time to organize anything it turns into a wonderful unscheduled holiday when you find things you didn’t remember you had… I have come across books and patterns and I turn them over and look at them thinking how cool they are and how I should get that. But then WAIT! I already have it ! It’s an adventure every time I go on the hunt for something. Other than being a colossal waste of time, memory loss isn’t all bad I guess, it beats the alternative! I have started using notes to self and putting projects in zip locks with the notes just to jog my feeble mind. Later …

  3. Mama Kati says:

    I have never thought of myself as a “Switch Flipper”… I have to admit that I am so far behind in the group here. I get sidetracked and suddenly everyone else is moving on. I guess I’m a member of the Slow Stitching Movement. Slow and steady wins it. Thanks for the chat and interaction but I have to go make dinner now. Hugs…

  4. TeddiAKAartquilter says:

    Happy new year Ms. Diva 😘 I love your list and totally understand you quilt tribe statement. I wish for you an instant tribe! Any tribe will be lucky to have you!

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