February Finishes and Lessons Learned

February.  The shortest month of the year.  Some years it feels like an eternity before it will end with all the cold and snow.  This year however…hikes, and walks and 70 degree days.  Whodathunk!

So time in the sewing room was a little shorter but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t productive.  First of all I finished a trio of pillows.  This is actually the second trio I’ve done over the last year, and I can see doing these again sometime, for no other reason than they please me.


The two pillows on the ends are created using a total of four pineapple blocks each.  The blocks are merely oriented differently.  Blocks are constructed of neckties on a muslin foundation.  Each of these pillows contain 148 pieces.  That lovely pillow in the center,  also was assembled using muslin foundations.  These foundations were hand stamped.  I completed 25 blocks for this pillow, each block measures 3 inches and contains 33 pieces for a whopping total of 825 pieces.  The white in the pillow is from an old wedding gown.

The pillows were finished using an envelope style with hook & loop (Velcro) at the closure.


My big finish this month with a huge lesson was the wall hanging.  It is a stunner!


Instead of muslin, this one piece was done utilizing paper foundations.  The pattern is called Scrap Happy Diamonds by Cindi Edgerton.  The quilt measures 58″ square.  I thoroughly enjoyed piecing those diamonds.  I put my first quarter together.


and that is when I noticed a problem, a really big problem…


these units should not have any red.  They need to be all blue.  Well, I cussed and fussed and then just walked away.  I had purchased two of the patterns, but wanted to use one for a completely different project.  I was too far into this one to let it go so I did pinch the foundations I needed from that second pattern to finish it out and will eventually finish a second.


The instructions really were in there…I had completely overlooked them.





The most difficult part of this was pulling out the paper foundations without damaging the ties.  I’m wondering if there really is a need for those foundations to be torn out and what if any problems they would cause for a quilter.  I don’t see where the piece would ever be traditionally laundered, and would welcome feedback if anyone has experience with this.

Those red and blue borders and backing are from abandoned prom and bridesmaids dresses.  Who said they would never get used again!

Recycling at its finest.

Looking forward to March and maybe something a little less daunting.




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