Spring in the Air

We all get them, you know the incentive patterns that come with the invitations to subscribe to the quilting magazines.  Some are pretty basic, others enticing, but this one I saved.  I saved it for a couple of years.  And oh yes, I did subscribe to the magazine.


The name of the free gift pattern is Now and Later.  It is beginner friendly and is a great opportunity to showcase whatever fabrics you collect.  Some of us collect a couple of things.  But it’s a good idea to start with ONE.

Most of the winter I had worked with ties, and dark and masculine colors (read brown and blue).  My collection of thirties fabrics was calling to me and of course it made this a no-brainer.  It was a joyful labor of love cutting out the fabrics.  Then with the smaller pieces I cut for a baby or dolly blanket to match.  This was probably my very favorite part of the process, handling and cutting the rectangles, and revisiting the fabrics that took me decades to collect.


I even enjoyed attaching the little white squares to the rectangles.  Truly therapeutic, mindless piecework, that after a few hours results in a nice little stack of units.


Next came putting them together as a cohesive unit.  It was fun to play with the units on the design wall.  I put them up I took them down, and repeat.  Finally, I settled on a layout.


Then it happened, I started sewing the units together, into bigger units, then rows, and more units and rows, and rows to rows.  My enthusiasm for the project began to wane, but I really wanted to get it all together before pulling it off the wall.  I persevered, and got it together.

Because there is so much handling there were threads.  Lots and lots of threads.  Grooming was a must before sending it to the quilter.


I can’t imagine any long arm quilter wanting to deal with this, or any piecer wanting to get their quilt back with this stuff quilted in.  So remember, groom your flimsy.

Initially, I was going to use my feed sacks for the backing but reconsidered and went with the same Kona white that I used in the front.


It’s all groomed and ready to be shipped to the quilter!

Oh that baby quilt, and dolly quilt, they will wait a little while as I need to shift gears.  That being said, I do see this done with florals on a lovely garden green background.  Maybe with bigger pieces.



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4 Responses to Spring in the Air

  1. Mama Kati says:

    Hi Diane,
    I saved that pattern too. I love it and I just recently went through my stash to find that I have quite a lot of the 30’s fabrics…who knew? I have three quilts in progress that life is impeding right now. I have always liked that type of print and when a quilt challenge popped up on Pat Slone’s feed I decided to do it. So I bought a rather pricey LARGE fat quarter bundle $$$ in more 30’s prints. Then when I started scrounging around my room I found the mother lode. I can make quite a few quilts now. I love how yours turned out but was dismayed to learn it’s not just a sew and go pattern. There’s things like color and placement and decisions to be made? Well another challenge to accept! I also have a pile of reproduction feed sack material as well. I finished my coffin top pillow case hexies. Still need to find the fabric to put it on. I’m thinking purple. The lady met on line introduced me to another hexie pattern as well. It’s different from the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses, the sides are pointy not flat. It looks fun. But back to this beauty…Brava my friend! You took a common ad pattern and made it a masterpiece. I am inspired. Thank you!

    • I’ve loved the pattern since I first laid eyes on it. It did put a dent in my collection but what a wonderful way to showcase the prints. Mama Kati I can’t wait to see what you do with this one.

  2. Annie Morgan says:

    What a fun idea. Great for a purely scrappy quilt, too.

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