Just in time – after several years

Beloved and I had a little travelling to do over the last few weeks.  Just a couple of overnight trips.  I like to bring hand work to do on these little jaunts.

In my UFO stack I found this little treasure from about 20 years ago that needed just a bit of attention.  Generally speaking I piece quilts.  I quilt by check.  Well on some of these small wall hangings, table runners and  charity quilts,  quilting by check just doesn’t seem “right”.

This little sweetheart was intended for hand quilting.  And as primitive as my quilting is, I think it works.


I used embroidery floss, perle cotton and quilting thread on this.  I did buttonhole stitch around the hearts before I pieced the blocks together decades ago and I can see that I need just a little more practice.  Still I like it.  Done is better than perfect, but this is just perfectly charming.  And this is no longer a UFO!


Happy Valentines day to  you and your loved ones.



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Creative procrastinator. Cock eyed optimist. Family historian - with the story being the important part. Quilt coach, lecturer and creator. Scrapbooker, card maker. Modern vintage. Wine lover. Explore new places, let's travel - let's go!
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10 Responses to Just in time – after several years

  1. Lucie says:

    I love your sweet project. I happen to think your hand quilting is perfect for this charming quilt. After seeing your hand quilted hearts I feel like doing some hand quilting !!! Thanks for the inspiration x

    • Thank you Lucie. I remember seeing this project in a magazine and being so enthusiastic that I started at least 4 of them! One in plaids that I sold immediately, this one, one in 30’s fabrics (which I will take with me on my next little excursion), and another bright one that I need to find. I did all the hearts and pulled all the fabrics – then I moved…three times. I think I’m in my forever home now.

      • Lucie says:

        Just remember it’s not a race. Your other colour ways will look every bit a good once they’re finished. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Annie Morgan says:

    Very cute, Diane, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. I agree with Lucie that the hand quilting is perfect for this project. Love it!

  3. AJ says:

    That is such a cute project! I love the stitching around the hearts:)

  4. Paula Rabkin says:

    I like the concept of quilting by check! the hand quilting on this is adorable and perfect for the project!

  5. Darling! I like the bold colors and the contrasting stitching.

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