Fabric Collection Quilt

Although I can not find the pattern for this quilt, I can tell you it was in a magazine approximately 15 years ago.  The pattern is simple enough and what pulled me in was the potential to show off collections.  The first time I used the pattern I dug through my wax indigo prints and came up with this.  IMG_9500The indigos were fun to work with and the quilt has a clean, simple, modernist look to it.  Collecting these beautiful blue beauties was just the quest I needed when attending quilt shows and shops.  I will admit most were from shows as these are very special.  The koi is not a wax print, but I thought it added character!IMG_9501The featured image is a quilt my sister, Terry Burris and I made for our stepmother Sylvia several years ago for her birthday.  She loves butterflies and flowers.  The background fabric has sweet little butterflies all over it.IMG_9498

It took me a week to cull through my floral stash to choose just the right fabrics to play nicely with this particular green.  Every single floral came from my stash.  And every little bit of this background fabric was used.  There was not an inch to spare.


I even liked the fabric I found to use on the back.  Sweet yes!?  This pattern would lend itself nicely with juvenile fabrics for a very simple “eye spy”, color blocking, plaids…and the list goes on!


Terry Burris Quilting did a lovely floral panto on this quilt.  It just sort of fell together.

We lost our stepmother this spring, and in cleaning out her things I ran across this,


I had made this vest for her over 15 years ago.  If my memory serves me, I used a pattern called The Collectors Vest.  The yellow is from a fabric gradation that was offered at the time.  The color wash has always appealed to me and she really loved the impressionist feel to the piece.

If you look carefully you can find a pretty pink butterfly button, and a rainbow embroidered applique.  Other than the receiver, the vest was also inspired by the lining fabric.

As I look through my sewing room I see many other pieces I purchased to make with her in mind.  Hold fast to your loved ones.  You never know how long they will be here.

Sew on, and piece.




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2 Responses to Fabric Collection Quilt

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    Such a great idea! It would be cute in a smaller version for baby, too. As you said, so many options.

    • This could be a “series” pattern! I have always loved how Laura Boehnke of American Patchwork and Quilting can change the entire look of a pattern when she creates different color options. This pattern is definitely conducive to her ministrations!

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