It’s a Two fer!

Last winter I made two quilt tops from a pattern called Trip for “2” To Boston, put out by Prairie Pieces.  The pattern makes both quilts at the same time and contains two copies so each quilter can make it together.  I have checked on the web and see that it is offered by another company as this pattern was put out in 2001.

I pieced both of the quilts and although it was incredibly fun, know it would have been better with a buddy.  Once your strips are cut, things become a bit compulsive.  I could see where it could get a bit competitive with two people working on the quilts.  This would be a good quilt for retreat.  It could be fun for getting a few charity quilts together in a weekend.

My biggest pet peeve though is the sizes.  The pattern indicates that a full/queen measures 85″ x 97″.  Personally I like my bed quilts, at the very least, to hang as long as the top sheet.  Flat sheets for a full size bed are 81″ x 96″ and for a queen 90″ x 102″ so I was a little disappointed in the coverage on a queen bed.  This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed that a pattern will group the full and queen size as one size.

Perhaps the best fix for this is to use 17 fabrics instead of 15 or to make the strips that make the strata 1/4 to 1/2 inch larger.  I’ll try it again after I’ve got a few more projects completed.



I did pull these about so they would not show the sheets.  Terry Burris and I dug deep into our stashes so no fabric had to be purchased.  I was pretty happy with the results.


I was especially pleased the way the mitered corners turned out on the borders.

There were enough bits and pieces left over to make some pillows to go along with the quilts.


Terry Burris Quilting did the quilting prior to gifting, but alas, I didn’t have an opportunity to get a photo of fabulous job she did.


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11 Responses to It’s a Two fer!

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    Love the quilts, Diane. Yellow and blue together are so refreshing. I also love that the 4 pillows are all different. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Annie! It felt good to move some of those fabrics from stash to completed project. The pillows were fun to make out of what was left over. In some spots I just had to “make do”.

  3. AJ says:

    Wow! I especially love the coloring!

  4. Great quilts! I agree that the colors are wonderful and I really like the concept. And using scraps to make matching pillows is one of my favorite “tricks.”

  5. Love the quilts and the pillows!

  6. nadiiaphotography says:

    So, beautiful!

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