It was not my intent to start another quilt.  My intent was to finish quilts and works in progress.  Lots of them.

While I was digging around for binding for my Free State Quilt(s), I made a bit of a mess.  I did find the fabric that I wanted for my bindings and did complete the quilts.  They are lovely, and I will share them in my next entry.  But what I left behind was chaos in the bin and on the floor, and things just didn’t go in the same way, and as I dug around a bit more I found this pattern:

If you follow Shari Flinn or Buffy Harris on FB or Instagram you have seen their beautiful work.   The precision of their piecing, and the way they put fabrics together is swoon worthy.  For those of you not familiar with their work  check them out shariflinn and buffythequiltslayer both are on instagram.  There is some serious inspiration and aspiration there.  After seeing all of the progress they have made on some gorgeous pieces of work, I thought I would just see if I could pull something together with these prints.  Any progress is progress right?

The pattern is not difficult and was originally offered by Benartex several years ago.  You can still get the pattern for free!  It can be found here:  https://bearcreekquiltingcompany.com/media/uploads/2014/12/18/files/Heritage_Quilt_Pattern_by_Benartex.pdf

Now, I say it wasn’t difficult, but I did have a wonderful little romance with my seam ripper.  On about one out of three blocks I would sew my points on the wrong way.

That being said though, I did finish my blocks.


I love them.  The pattern calls for 20 to make a quilt that finishes out at 52″ x 63″.  I made 37.  Some are duplicates.  My hope is to make the quilt a bit bigger and to make some pillow shams to match.  Now I need to find a piece large enough to get the sashing and borders.  But that will have to wait UFO’s are calling.  And shopping is going to have to wait until “isewlation” is over.

Where do you find inspiration?




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2 Responses to Distracted

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    I love that block, Diane! What a fun quilt. I wish I could do one block a day, but then I say that about a lot of blocks! 😎

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