Third Quarter FINISHALONG – The List


It’s all a balancing act.  So maybe this quarter I take a more “balanced” approach to what I can finish and what I want to finish.  I’ve noticed a trend that I have a lot to carry over from quarter to quarter of projects still unfinished as well projects that weren’t even on the list making progress.  What’s up with that?

Still, it’s fun.  I’m blessed to be able to do this.  Looking at something that I have made with my own hands makes me appreciate the gifts I’ve been given and the ability to recognize gifts in others.

This quarter I have two fast ones, Sharp Dressed Man and Aromatic Rings only need binding.  I’ve made the binding for both and it just needs to be stitched down.

Fretwork 3 needs to be quilted and bound.  I pieced the back, and will quilt it with simple straight lines from top to bottom (well straightish).  Then this quilt will be ready for binding and will go to the Christmas Mother Charity for distribution this winter.


Foundation piecing will continue on my “Haberdashery” Pineapple Blocks.  This is the same color story as “Kiss Me Once Again” and I will make as many blocks as I can with the remainder of brown taffeta.  My goal is to get all of the blocks done and assembled.


Stars Over the Outback is my Aussie inspired Table Runner that needs to be quilted and bound.


As far as the carryover stuff from Quarters One and Two there is plenty to choose from:

English Paper Pieced Hexi Table Cover   (Quarter 1)

Antique Pineapple Blocks Wall Hanging (Quarter 1)

Floral Wreath Wall Hanging (Quarter 1)

Arabesque Cake Mix Quilt (Quarter 2)

Diamond Jubilee (Quarter 2)

Now you might have noticed that I am easily distracted.  My guilty pleasure of following other makers is always present.  This was a minor diversion, and if you would like to make a little diversion and help a quilter out, check out what Shelly is doing.  She needs lots and lots of signature blocks for her quilt. IMG_E6795

Go to:  I know she would appreciate it!  And it’s a simple block to get done while you are working on something else.






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2 Responses to Third Quarter FINISHALONG – The List

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    A whole bunch of awesomeness!!! I have templates from Fons and Porter that remind me of your Aromatic Rings. Hmmm…think I’ll have to look for those and MAYBE use them. LOL

    • I loved making Aromatic Rings! It was in a book that I have used before and made Fretwork. There are no templates needed. It was a really creative way to create the shape. I can’t wait to see what you do with your Fons & Porter templates.

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