Happy Mail

Last week I received some “Happy Mail” from my sister Terry (Terry Burris Quilting).  I send the bulk of my “quilting” to her to do because, well, she does a great job, she can help me express what I see in a project when it is completed (think mind reader), and she’s my sister.  Over the years getting into the queue has become a bit more challenging as she has honed her craft through study and thousands of hours of practice.  She has won ribbons for her quilting and been instrumental in making the work of others shine.  Oh, and she loves me. 

So I had sent her this box maybe a month ago just so I wouldn’t lose track of it.  I was so proud of myself for getting these pieces prepped for quilting.  Nothing was to be rushed as these pieces had languished for at least 20 years.  Then low and behold there were a couple of cancellations.  The customers that had reserved spots in her que weren’t ready.  SCORE!!!  I’m IN!

The first two pieces are from my big UFO list.  These were started way back before the turn of the century (why does that tickle me so?!)  At the Fauquier Quilter when we were meeting at Quilters Confectionery, we had a strip challenge.  I made my strips into strata.  And then I moved those strip strata’s SIX different times into SIX different homes.  Finally, I got tired of looking at them every time I walked into the bathroom where they were hanging on the back of a door.  It was time.  I cut the strata and used them as components to make 9-Patch blocks.  Simple and easy yet still visual. 

When I finally packed them up and sent them to Terry, I told her I wanted them to look “woodsy” and wanted little woodsy animals in the centers of the blocks. 

She nailed it.  And I love the leafy panto she used on the rest of the quilt. 

The binding is on and I put them in the laundry for their wash before I gift them.  I’m really glad I used some Color Catchers in the wash as even though I had prewashed all of my fabrics this is what I found in the machine. 

Color Catchers are a wonderful tool to keep dyes from bleeding all over your quilt.

I love the way a quilt feels and looks when it first comes out of the dryer after its first wash; all crinkly and cozy.

Crinkly Goodness!

This other piece also has some age on it (20+ years) and comes from the same era and off the same very long list.  The “Victorian” palette on this Christmas tree skirt is so very pretty.  The pattern is from Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day Diamond Log Cabin. 

This is quilted with a warm golden colored thread and the motif is poinsettias.  I sort of wish I had put a solid on the back of this so the quilting showed as it is gorgeous.  I can see making another, just to do this!  Truly the quilting is just as pretty as the piecing.

There are still a ridiculous amount of beautiful things I’ve begun and not completed to get back to.

I hope you are making wonderful progress on whatever is on your list or under your needle.



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4 Responses to Happy Mail

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    I remember that shop and when we met there!! I loved and miss Fauquier County Quilters. Your plaid quilt brings back memories.

    • Thank you Annie! I miss those gals too. When I was in Arlington I would still drive back and forth to meetings! So many plaids so little time! I enjoy working with them, but then again, I enjoy working with sew many fabrics. Certainly you can understand that too!

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    What a blessing to have a sister who quilts for you. I wonder if you ever get a chance to sew together? Beautiful finishes, both of them. And as UFOs that’s an even bigger bonus. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • I AM blessed to have her. Once in a blue moon we get to sew together. Our last sewing adventure was well over a year ago when we attended a class together saw a quilt show. She had quilted several of the pieces we saw and they showed beautifully. We had such a wonderful time and I really look forward to doing it again. Thank you for your kind words and visiting.

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