Fourth Quarter Plan for the Finish-A-Long

Because I try to learn from my mistakes, the list for this quarter will be shorter. The previous three quarters, I was unable to complete everything on my list. Granted, the lists were optimist at best.

The first project on my list is #17 the Flannel Log Cabins. It appears there may enough block pieces for two lap sized quilts in the box, and some of the blocks are actually together. My intent is to get the tops done, the backs pieced, the bindings made and off to the longarmer.

Flannel Log Cabin Blocks – literally

The second project, is a seasonal piece. I loved the way the first one finished so much that I just jumped back in and started another. When I packed the components in the box I labelled it “Holiday Wreath table runner or apron or…” sort of like “whatever”. A dear friend of mine saw this and just cracked up. These blocks should find their way into another beautiful table runner or apron or whatever, and well I’ll let you know. This is #59 on my Finish-A-Long list.

Holiday Wreath table runner, apron, or …

The third piece I don’t have a photo for, but it is #74 on the list and they are Tie Scarves. These are just as they sound, scarves made from scraps from my tie projects. I’m hoping they are stylish and soft. We’ll see!

I will get distracted, but I will fight it. And if I do get these projects completed, there are the dozens of other projects from the first three quarters that are awaiting my undivided attention. Yes, there is Fretwork 3. And the Antique Pineapple Wall Haning, and the Blue & Brown Pineapple Blocks, and Diamond Jubilee which I was sew looking forward to. Oh and the Australian Table Runner and Wallhanging and… you get it.

All of this year I’ve been tidying up a little. There is still a lot of work to do in the sewing room to make the space cleaner and more streamlined, and less like a hoarders paradise. There are books and fabrics that are absolutely lovely, but I no longer have any passion for the projects, or I purchased too much yardage. These things can be found in my Etsy shop at The books are in fabulous condition and the fabric is all good quality and priced to move. Later there will be precious gifts and decor. So go check it out and share with your friends!

So, whatever YOU are doing this fourth quarter, start with a sharp rotary blade and a new needle in your machine. Piece!


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2 Responses to Fourth Quarter Plan for the Finish-A-Long

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    I also had/have a lot of flannel. I used it all up, not to buy anymore, but……. The house flannel I loved so much that I bought more, then ran out of steam. I did finally use it all in three different quilts. I love the Christmas one, great fabrics and pattern.

    • I have a ridiculous amount of flannel fabric to use. I’ll see how much these quilts whittle the stash down, then I have one more that I would love to attempt. It’s just so cozy and soft….

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