Inspiration is Everywhere and Resistance is Futile!

I almost missed it! Project Quilting has begun! Although I do not participate in all of the challenges, some of them just pull me in. That “I can do this”, kicks in and the next thing I know is I’ve gone down the “rabbit hole”. It’s all good though. The way it works is there are 6 challenges in 12 weeks. You have 7 days to complete the challenge and link your project. Needless to say, with only 7 days from start to finish these are not queen size quilts! But even if you don’t participate in a challenge you can be inspired by those that do. For more information check out Kim Lapaceks blog and her project quilting site at Also check out her blog. This lady is amazingly creative and productive. She has several scrap block challenges and is the designer of the Wonky Dresden Neighborhood. You can find her blog here: This first challenge was “Illuminating & Ultimate Gray” – the second challenge is “Fussy Cuts” – oh sew tempting!

In November I signed up for the 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Retreat being held on Facebook. The retreat started January 1. It’s free, and if you have been collecting vintage linens you will want to check this out. There are over 700 participants and I can assure you that the inspiration is mind blowing. I’ve culled through my collection of linens and ladies vintage hankies and am delighted to have the opportunity to use them. If you are interested in working with vintage linens you can check out Rhonda Dorts blog at shares a wealth of information on laundering, and using all or parts of those special linens that may or may not be in the best condition. Or join the Facebook group 1914 Boehm House Vintage Linens Retreat.

And then, Shelly from Prairie Moon Quilts had some year end studio challenges that I thought I needed to take part in. The first one posted on December 29 was to “Clear Off Your Main Work Surface”. Well, that was tricky. What’s my main work surface? The cutting table, the sewing table, the ironing board? Well, I decided it was the cutting table initially, and that was fine until I really got into it and then lot’s of that stuff ended up on the ironing board, and I took a good look at my sewing table. Yikes! Well, there were several participants that got this done in 1 day. I took every second to the January 7 deadline.



I am excited to report that my block count for 2020 was 636! That’s a lot of blocks! Obviously not all of them are complicated. The 100 Blocks in 100 Days challenge was the bulk of these as I did over two sets, and those blocks are now flimsy’s getting ready to go to the longarmer.

And then there are these:

I was going to participate in the Love and Stitches Quilt-A-Long, but just didn’t feel it. Well I’m feeling it now. I found some fabric that I purchased from Nine Mile Quilts on Etsy (my friend Annie Morgan) and a few other pieces to mix in and I can just see this sweet quilt coming together. The Love and Stitches Pattern is available on etsy also at MeganCollinsQuilts. There was one adaptation that I did with the pattern and instead of using one piece as the body of the heart, I made 9 patches. These hearts are bigger than any of the blocks I’ve made over the last year measuring in at a whooping 12″.

Hoping you are feeling the love and that your mojo is brewing.


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4 Responses to Inspiration is Everywhere and Resistance is Futile!

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    Awesome sewing space! Thanks for the shout out for my biz. When I start to tidy up my space, I find lots of things to entertain me!

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Good morning! HAHA – I just LOVE the title of this post. Resistance is futile, I agree. New fabrics, a new pattern – what’s to resist?!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    • That focus thing escapes me. But I keep reminding myself that the first word that we learned when we started to read was “look”. There must be wisdom and reason in that.
      Peace – Diane

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