Here Here For the Red White and Blue!

I’ve been cutting and sewing and cutting some more. It has been fabulous. So, in June or July I found this pattern for flag blocks. It was simple and fun and it presented really well. The pattern is Flying Flags from Amy Smart and can be found here and it’s priced affordably at $3.00.

For this one I used my “clearer” reds. And isn’t that border just the perfect frame!?! I have my sister Terry Burris to thank for that as well as for the quilting on this quilt. Oh and this one. Because I wanted to see how the quilt would look using my “older” reds the “turkey reds” that aren’t as brilliant.

Those “turkey” reds look just as bright as my bright reds. The stars and stripes border was great for this one and I truly love the backing I used.

While collecting a few more fabrics for these quilts, one of my quilt buddies and I went to a lovely little destination shop here in Virginia. They had a quilt there that just called to me. I had to reproduce it. There really isn’t much to it other than putting in the time and some simple straightforward sewing. But I loved it and I thought it might be a softer more comforting look for our female veterans. Often I think when we think of veterans we think of men. Our military has been co-ed for decades now, but still, I often think of “veterans” as men.

My Patriotic Quilt Crush!!

Although this does not work up as quickly as the Flag Quilts, it uses up alot of the scraps and is a feast for the eyes! So here is my not so masculine take on a Veterans quilt. This one will be donated and I truly hope that some brave soul finds comfort and healing.

For those of you that might be looking for a quilt for your favorite veteran you can find the Flag quilts in the vintagevacouple shop on etsy. If you are looking for additional fabrics to help create one of these quilts I have put some of those up for sale (priced to move) at the shop also.


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3 Responses to Here Here For the Red White and Blue!

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Good morning! I love everything about this post!! I always like to make r/w/b quilts and this is a fabulous one. AND, perfect timing for the upcoming Veteran’s Day. I need to check out Amy’s pattern for sure. Maybe for next year since my machine is enjoying spa days. Great job! ~smile~ Roseanne

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