Seldom an original thought…

So many of my inspirations, thoughts and ideas come from those I love.  This is no exception as my sister Teresa has begun her Blog and it has become a tool to motivate her to press forward in her quilting.  She has always been one to get things accomplished.  She strives to do more, get more done, do better.  Her having to report weekly on her progress has made her keep track, of what she is getting done.

A couple of weeks back I volunteered to be a part of the 100 hour gang.  The goal of each of us is to quilt for 100 hours during a 4 week period.  Well that is all well and good, except, I’ve not kept very exacting records.  I wanna do over.  But not right now.  If I was to do it over, I’d plan better.  When I did the math, of course it averages 25 hours a week.  If I were to quilt for 6 hours on Saturday and Sunday not quite half of my weekly time would be done.  There is evenings, but with dinner over at 7 and bedtime at 10 it doesn’t leave a lot of time for other essentials like, laundry, groceries, cooking, the gym and well, companionship.  Although I have failed miserably at this particular challenge, I do see where I fine tune it to my needs and pick it up again, when I’m not working and commuting.  One of the values I saw in this particular challenge was the ability to practice and improve my skills as a quilter, and to finish, yes actually finish some of the creative ventures I have begun.

One of the women I looked up to as a young adult had a mantra, “prior planning prevents poor performance”.  Another of my quilting, domestic diva mentors observed that any challenging job she had to tackle whether it is in the creativity realm or the drudgery realm was accomplished only by breaking the job down into smaller tasks.  She had a plan.  Perhaps these wonderful ladies are onto something.




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