The challenging thing

I like a good challenge.  Especially a creative one.

Not too long ago we had a program in our guild where a quilter came and showed us her work.  Her trunk show consisted of multiple challenges from companies, manufacturers and contests.  Some of these challenges offered prizes.  She indicated that she didn’t win any prizes for her work.  However, the observer could see where her work improved and how she stretched and grew as an artist through these contests.

Each year I offer a challenge to our little guild, last year it was the lunch sack challenge.  Simple enough really, you just put four fat quarters into a lunch sack and trade them with another member.  In the alloted amount of time you create a beautiful piece of work with their donations.  I went one step further and also created a piece using the duplicates of the fabrics I donated.  It was fun.

The fabrics I received in my sack were a challenge indeed.  Normally I would never have used them together in a quilt or wall hanging.  Although it took a while, and I was finishing at the last minute, I did come up with a stunning piece.  My husband loves it.  This tablerunner is fun.

The fabrics that I donated were really not challenging at all, and perhaps that is food for thought.  They coordinated well and I’m certain for any quilter that’s been around, it was not much of a challenge at all.

This next challenge is merely a two fabric challenge.  You would not believe the questions and confusion over this.  Kind of funny actually, some folks make it harder than it is.


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