New Years Resolve…

It’s that time of year again where we take stock, look back on our accomplishments, and look forward to our dreams.

One of the trends I’ve noticed in my craft areas is that I have been acquiring a lot of supplies and products and not accomplishing the things I have set out to do.  This does not mean that I’ve not completed anything, but that I’ve probably got more “stash” and projects than I can finish any time soon.

The biggest hurdle is that I don’t stick to just one thing, one project, one craft.  There is a myriad of things I thoroughly enjoy doing, and if I do it once, I usually want to do it again, especially so if the project was successful.

I have photos that need to go into scrapbooks, and cards to make with rubber stamps.  There are hundreds of yards of fabric just begging to be cut up and sewn back together into quilts, tablerunners, pillows, and wearables.  The kitchen is calling with recipes and the garden beckons with weeds run rampant.  There are needlepoint and cross stitch pictures waiting to be stitched and ornaments that need that final touch to be added to the family collection.

My beloved is very supportive and together we enjoy travel and wine and food, and, well, all the blessings of marriage.  He has been incredibly helpful in the kitchen, and never tires of “do you think it looks better this way or like that?”

So this year, I’m thinking I need a more disciplined approach to what I’m going to do.  How am I going to use my resources (supplies, money and more importantly time), and how I’m going to achieve the balance that is I yearn for (creative time, work and the gym)?

Pondering pondering pondering….


About divadiversion

Creative procrastinator. Cock eyed optimist. Family historian - with the story being the important part. Quilt coach, lecturer and creator. Scrapbooker, card maker. Modern vintage. Wine lover. Explore new places, let's travel - let's go!
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