It’s almost here…do you Retreat?


This weekend I’m getting ready for next weeks annual Fauquier County Quilters Retreat.  Packing for this event as an attendee instead of a coordinator is still a bit of a challenge.  The clothes are easy, just something clean and comfy for daytime sewing and excursions, and I do need to find my jammies.  Can’t imagine how my new roomie would react to my normal bedroom attire.  Ohhh and because we are at a new to us venue there is a swimming pool, that means, ah yes, the bathing suit.  Perhaps I should give it a try before packing it.  Unfortunately two of my passions; sewing/quilting and cooking are not aerobic or very physical, and it shows on my physique. Then there is that work thing, where hours are spent doing sedentary paperwork.   Just wait til gardening kicks in and things will start to even out a bit…ahhh but I do digress.

Fabric needs to be cut and packed for the mystery.  I’m thinking scrappy with glorious florals and assorted greens.

Then there are the fat quarters, and this is simple as we need to chose two colors of the rainbow.  I’m thinking golden and green.

Every year the Coordinator and planning committee chose a theme and run with it, last year it was Calendar Girls and the projects revolved around tablescapes (for everyday and holidays) and aprons.  It was fabulous.  This year the theme is “Luck”.

We are supposed to create an exchange block showing our Lucky Charm…which means I need to pick one.  Love the elephant with its trunk up, but that really doesn’t seem like something I can accomplish in the little amount of time I’ve left myself.   Hmmm, maybe stars.  I’m always thanking my lucky stars.

Let’s not forget about the Exchange Gift for Saturday nights Chinese Gift Exchange.  My thoughts are to give something to inspire the quilt artist instead of offering up a piece I’ve made.  Most of these ladies have very specific tastes and skill sets that mirror mine or give me something to aspire to. DSCN2427

No table treats for me to do this year as I’ve been too  distracted.  Table treats are wonderful little creations that are made either by and individual or a team and given to each attendee at mealtime.  We have had some very creative things;  pin cushion and string catcher, iron cover, spa bag, beach “tiles”, mini totes with sewing kits, scissor holders, spools of thread, mini strip rolls and the list goes on.

Ohhh, I should also get my lil Singer Featherweight out and make certain that she is ready to purr her way through.  This was a gift of love from my Beloved for my birthday a couple of years back.  I’m truly grateful to my sister Terry for suggesting it to him.  Some fellas are at a loss when it comes to gifting.  I’ll have to cover that subject in another blog.

Hmmmm, Looks as if I’m going for a month…DSCN2429

Til next time, do what you love and love what you do!


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