Gardening Gig Fails

Or mostly so.

Beloved and I have a very generous yard for living in the city.  The back gets good sun, it’s private and things grow, weeds especially.  Virginia creeper is doing quite well this year and the English ivy is taking over.  It is my opinion that perhaps we should have a cottage industry selling this stuff.  My last trip to Lowes they were selling it.  People really want to have it in there yard.  Ahhh but I do digress.


So after quilting retreat, I gave this gardening thing another chance.  I weeded the flower beds and planted tomatoes.  I found three different types of basil and planted them with marigolds.  I trimmed back roses.  Then the rains came.  And then oppressive humidity.  And beau coup people at work went on vacation and I was working – harder.

It thrilled me to see fruit on my tomato plants.  I’d planted them closer to the house so the varmits would not get to them.  But the weeds!  Mercy!  I’d no sooner turn my back and they would return.  Not to mention the pesky mosquitos.  Those blood thirsty suckers would attack with ferocity every time I stepped into the garden.

Then it happened.  Beloved took me to dinner one night before I had an opportunity to check on my cherished tomatoes.  He knew what had happened, and didn’t want me to get upset.  Whether it be possum or coon, the outcome was the same…demolition.   I so totally understand Mr. McGreggor in Peter Rabbit.  My heart was heavy, and I wished for no good for the perpetrators of destruction.



One thing that I did notice though, they aren’t very fond of basil or marigolds.  Who knew?

Basil with the marigolds.

Basil with the marigolds.

So I’ve trimmed back the basil and made two batches of pesto using two different recipes.



So, not all is lost.  However, I do believe, I might stick to something that has a higher rate of success for me.  Perhaps just basil and flowers in the gardens next year, and quilting and crafting in the air conditioning.







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2 Responses to Gardening Gig Fails

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    Your pesto looks wonderful! So sad about your tomatoes. We have a pretty big garden this year around which Jeff built a fence with high netting, hoping the deer do not get in or munch through it. Will you try again?

  2. I’m thinking I’ll continue doing the basil, but the tomatoes…perhaps it’s best if I stick to flowers.

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