Measure twice, cut once…

Use it or lose it.  So many skills come under that characterization.  Just like a muscle, lack of use causes atrophy.  As with the loss of muscle you loss body memory, with talent it is that instinct that makes it all come together correctly – the first time.

I’m back to sewing after my back yard farmer failure.  Truth be told, it’s far more comfortable in the sewing room anyway.  So I’ve pulled out my fabrics and begun to cut and sew.  I’m on a real roll here…enjoying the process…sewing away..DSCN2622

and low and behold


Lesson learned:  I’m never too old to make a mistake.  The directions I was using came from a book I love, “Quilters Complete Guide”, by Fons and Porter.

The instructions were written for the use of templates, and I didn’t want to use templates.  I wanted to rotary cut my pieces.  Well, it’s rather obvious that somewhere along the line I got the math wrong for the quarter square triangles.  But, it doesn’t look like an epic fail…I’m certain that I can recover from this.  With a little trimming this looks mighty fine!


and another…


And a few little borders, to off set my stars, and I have success.

So I strung some stars together…


and then a few more…


This will make a lovely table runner.  This recovery was a stellar success!


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