Working It! FAL2020 Quarter 2 List

Decisions, decisions!  With so many projects to work on it’s difficult to decide how to work through them and avoid the desire to start something new.  Although it is probably inevitable, if I can maintain some semblence of focus, perhaps I’ll have more finishes than starts.

Because I like to piece I have Project #9 The Arabesque Cake Mix Quilt on the list.


I have all the fabric and the pattern and I’ve started pressing.  This will hopefully fulfill my piecing desires.  If it doesn’t there is also this.


Diamond Jubilee has been pulled and boxed for over 5 years.  I have all of my supplies, I just need to get it done.  It is #14 on my annual list.

Freedom Plaid needs to be trimmed and binding to be made then applied as well as a label.  (Well maybe, I’m not a stickler for labels).


This one really should be an easy finish!  This is #42 on my list.

100 Blocks 100 Days 2019 should move quickly also.  I  just need to finish making the binding (I made it too short) and apply it.  And there is that label thing.  This was fun to piece and I enjoyed the comraderie of all of the others doing the quilt-a-long last year.  Truly the inspiration I got just seeing what others did with their blocks was amazing.  I might even join in this year!  If interested check out Gnome Angel and the Kindred Fusion Quilt-A-Long.  This project is #44 on the Finish-A-Long list.


Fretwork 2 the big one is project #44 on my list.  It is a very generously sized baby quilt.  I finished a smaller one this year and showed it in my Book Work post.  Finishing this means quilting as well as making and applying the binding.

Holding project spot #66 on the list is Plaid Strip Sets – a pair of quilts is constructed using strip sets I put together about 20 years ago.  The two quilts will be gifted to my son for his boys bunkbeds.  My goal is to get them pieced and to the quilter.  IMG_6652

I’m carrying over my Summer Harvest Table Runner Project # 46.  Unfortunately this did not get any attention in the first quarter, and still needs to be quilted and bound.


But I did get some progress done on my EPP Hexi Table Topper – Not much but some!  I HAND APPLIQUED IT TO THE BASE!  Those that know me understand that applique is not my forte.  But after hand piecing all those sweet hexies, I really felt the need to hand stitch it to the foundation.  Now I need to hand quilt it.  Again, not my strong suit but the project begs for it.


Like so many of you, I have been making masks for medical personnel, as well as family and friends.  It is difficult to admit, that it is not my favorite task. Admitting this makes me feel selfish.  I’m slow and don’t put out as many as some of the gals do.  When I spoke to my son and told him what I was doing, he thanked me for doing my part.  It was then that I once again saw how truly blessed I am to even be able to do this.  My little bit of work might help someone stay safe or provide comfort.  I don’t have the talent or know how or bravery it takes to be on the front lines fighting this virus, but I can “do my part”.  Thank you son, for making this clear.

May your piecing bring you peace.








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4 Responses to Working It! FAL2020 Quarter 2 List

  1. Kathi S. says:

    Oh, Mama Di,
    We do all add our many talents, like now with the mask making. I’m not multitasking and being terribly over productive but the masks look great and that’s what counts.

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    {{Hugs}} Aww, I surely hope you don’t feel bad or selfish any longer. Your son said just the perfect thing! You are doing your part – staying inside, staying healthy and safe and not making him worry about you is a HUGE relief. Your masks look fabulous and your quarter two list looks extensive. I’ll be here, enjoying all of your finishes. {{Hugs}} again. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Thank you Roseanne. He really did have the perfect words. I don’t feel selfish any longer, and I am a little more joyful when I press those pleats into those masks. It never really occured to me prior to his verbalizing it, that all of us are doing our part, by “doing our part”. Hoping to make bunches of joyfilled quilts for those that used their time in another “productive” way. Thank you for sharing the love. (Huge hugs) keeping our social distancing of course. – 😉 Diane

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