Finally a Finish!

Finally a finish!  Kinship Fusion, the 100 Blocks in 100 Days is done.   This was supposed to be my UFO challenge for February, however, there was illness and now it’s complete.

There was so much to learn through this process.

The first thing I learned and often it takes more than one lesson for the lesson to stick; “Prior planning prevents poor performance”.  We were given a coloring sheet prior to taking on the challenge, I didn’t use it.  However, I did pull from a few color families with a “look” that I thought I would like.

Working ahead made this task easier to keep up with on a daily basis, so it helped to be organized.  Now I will admit that if anyone was to walk into my sewing area during this period (or any other for that matter) “organization” would not be the first impression.  Can we agree that we are all “organized” in our own way?  I did keep this project in the front while I was working on it, and I allowed myself to work on other things as this project progressed.

Measure twice cut once.  This didn’t happen often, but when it did occur it was because I was rushing.

White shows EVERYTHING.  Like when points are dulled or things don’t match up exactly.

Practice makes better.  I did notice that as the blocks were stacking up, my piecing was improving.

Communicate with your Quilter.  I wanted the quilting to be angular, and it is, however I did not understand the scale of this particular design.  It turned out to be far larger than I anticipated.  And I had hoped for the quilting to be denser.


What I like about this quilt.  I LOVE the way it fits the bed.  I like a quilt to cover both the box spring and mattress.  For it to be larger than the sheet it covers.  This one does that nicely.


The Social Media component of this was great.  I got to see what other quilters were doing with their blocks and developed a following of my own.  The fussy cutting and use of color and theme truly was inspiring.  If you would like to see for yourself check out #kinshipfusionsampler on Instagram.

Would I do it again?  Oh YES!  And I probably will.  Angie from Gnome Angel is going to start a new 100 Day 100 Blocks on July 1.  For more information and patterns go to:



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10 Responses to Finally a Finish!

  1. Sandie says:

    I love the colors!!!
    Good for you—I haven’t even started anything

  2. Annie Morgan says:

    Another winner, Diane! That’s really great that you stuck with it. It sounds like it was a good experience.

  3. Kathi Salceies says:

    “Organized in our own way”, I like that phrase. The quilt is lovely as usual. What’s your secret to sticking with it? Hugs…Mama Kati

    • Thank you Mama Kati. For me the sticking point is knowing there is an end. Also I would front load at the beginning of the week and get them all done ahead so I could have a little “variety” when I got a few days ahead.

  4. rl2b2017 says:

    Good morning! Nice job! It looks beautiful on your bed. I love it when it’s long enough to cover the sheet and meet the dust ruffle. I love all the fabrics and colors you chose. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Thank you Roseanne! So many patterns will indicate that they fit a certain bed size and they may fit the mattress top or a few inches more. That doesn’t work esthetically for me. This is a newish color palette for me, and I’m liking it.

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