Work in Progress Wednesday

Let me begin by saying it’s been quite an exciting couple of weeks. I’ll explain.

As I was going into my sewing room about 2 weeks ago, I looked through the door and my ceiling fan and light were on the floor. We never heard a thing. It was held up on the ceiling in a plastic box. So my beloved took the others apart and down and called an electrician.


I did a fair amount of tidying up those next couple of days as things had gotten a bit out of hand, and there was a lot of fabric on the floor. In fact there were piles of stuff everywhere. The electrician has come and gone, the repairs are done and I can see more of the floor than I’ve been able to see in months. The room in no means is clean, however it is tidier than it was. Shelly from Prairie Moon Quilts ( has monthly tasks and challenges herself to do something in her studio every month to make it more organized. I need to take a page out of her book so things don’t get so out of hand.

Speaking of books I went to put a book on the shelf. The bookshelf failed. Well I decided to go through all the books on that shelf and the one beneath it to make sure these were books that I was going to use or enjoy. If not, they had to find a new home. So I’m nearly through the task of looking through many of my books and deciding what projects I would like to complete. Let’s just say I hope to live a very long time.

I did make progress on trimming my Arabesque blocks. Now I just need to lay them out the way I want them placed in the quilt.


And I got my Heritage Blocks up on the quilt wall and made a decision on sashing and posts. I’m hoping the border I have will work out nicely, but we will have to wait and see until the blocks are together.


One of my guilty pleasures is checking out what other bloggers are doing, and I love what Deanna has been working on at Wedding Dress Blue. She has this wonderful quilt-a-long that I just could not resist. After all I did pick up lots of fabric off the floor and I’ve been really good about cutting up my scraps into usable squares. If you have bunches of squares to use up this works up nicely.


The UFO from my plaid strip tease is coming together nicely. I had several strata’s hanging around for years (read decades) and was not sure what I was going to do with them. This is going to be delightful.  And it will look so good on the bunkbeds in my grandsons room.


So many wonderful projects to keep my hands busy and my heart joyful.

I need to get these done as 100 Blocks 100 Days starts SOON. If you would like to participate go over and sign up with Gnomeangel at

Hoping to see you soon with some fabulous finishes!  In the meantime, piece and stay safe.


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5 Responses to Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Annie Morgan says:

    All the quilts are wonderful and fun. I recognize a lot of the plaids. I had the same ones and made at least four lap quilts and other projects. I think the star kissed blocks are perfect for my thousands of 1-1/2″ squares.

    • Annie I think we bought many of the same plaids when we worked at Quilters Confectionery. Those Roberta Horton plaids just feel so good, and play nice with others. I’ve got AT LEAST two more plaid quilts before I make a dent in the collection. It’s a good thing I still like playing with them. The Star Kissed Blocks are perfect for your 1 1/2″ squares. My squares are 2″ and these blocks are really big. The 2 1/2″ squares would only require one block to make a baby quilt. It is so much fun putting the squares together for the centers and seeing them as a cohesive piece.

  2. Your blocks look great. And I, too, need to live to be about 100 (and some more). But isn’t it nice to always have something to look forward to?!

    • Deanna Thank you for the compliment and for all the work you put into the instructions for these blocks. I can assure you that there will be several of these quilts coming out of my sewing room.

  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Holy cow! Good thing no one was hurt by the ceiling fan. Geez, what a surprise that must have been especially since you didn’t hear a thing. I agree with Deanna – we probably won’t outlive all of our projects but we’ll have fun trying, won’t we?!! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

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