The Lists

I’m a list person. They help keep me focused. I’ve made lists for 30 years.

Annually, just before or right around New Years I’ve begun making lists of what I would like to accomplish over the year. Not a resolution but a declaration. These lists are pages long, especially those that include my creative stuff.

My Finish-A-Long list includes over 84 quilting projects that need to be finished as well as 13 craft projects that have been craving my attention, and some of the things I just want to do. There was a time in my life where these lists were much shorter. I know I am a very lucky girl to have had the opportunity to cultivate my craft and curate my collection of materials over the years.

But even those that are more than the “creative stuff” are helpful for me to progress in my person, to start or break a habit, to tune up those finances, to organize or improve my space, and to plan for the future.

Because I always feel there is always immense room for improvement, my list is massive (8 pages worth). I don’t want to forget anything and I want to plan. A old friend of mine would say, “Prior planning prevents poor performance.”

One of the tools that has helped me create these lists is a book my daughter suggested many years ago: “Your Best Year Yet”, by Jinny S. Ditzler. If I remember correctly she saw her on Oprah. I would still highly recommend the book despite the fact that it was published over 30 years ago. It helps me organize my thoughts and process the why’s and how’s of what I would like to accomplish. It helps me be thorough.

This book is a great tool to help you compile your list.

Do I accomplish everything on my list? I wish but Nope. But if it’s on the list I might make some progress. For example, I’ve had a weight goal – although I did not hit that magic number, I did make progress. I have goals for finances and every year I get closer to the goal. Even in though my age says I’m “mature”, I still want to learn and develop good habits.

I think of these lists as tools. But here is the rub: a tool doesn’t work unless you work it. So this year I will visit my lists more often and work them.

Happy New Years to all of you and may 2022 be your Best Year Yet!

About divadiversion

Creative procrastinator. Cock eyed optimist. Family historian - with the story being the important part. Quilt coach, lecturer and creator. Scrapbooker, card maker. Modern vintage. Wine lover. Explore new places, let's travel - let's go!
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2 Responses to The Lists

  1. Sandie says:

    You, my friend, are an inspiration!

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