#pqSeason 13!

One of my quilty pleasures at the beginning of each year is Project Quilting. Project Quilting is the brainchild of Kim Lapacek of the Persimon Dreams blog. Every two weeks a challenge is dropped and quilters have exactly one week to come up with a plan and execute that plan into a finished quilt product. ONE week, seven days. The response is amazing as is the creativity. But it is a fast turnaround.

This weeks challenge was “All the Colors”. The challenge sat in my head for a day, and then it occurred to me that I didn’t have to make an entire quilt, but I could make a pillow.

I dug through my 2 1/2″ shirt squares and pulled the light and medium blues for my foundation.

Once that was done, I cut some “leaf” disks from heat and bond and then dug through my neckties for some color.

I fussed and moved them about on the foundation I created until I was satisfied with the composition.

I did sew the leaves down and did some simple straightline quilting. Then I found a shirt back big enough to make the pillow back and some velcro so the piece can easily be removed from the pillow form.

I’m pretty happy with the results.

If you want to flex your creative muscles I would highly recommend following and even participating in these challenges. For more information check out https://kimlapacek.com/2022/01/13-1-all-the-colors-challenge-1 or just type Project Quilting Season 13 into your search engine. Also there is a Facebook page “Project Quilting” and if you like to look at all the pictures check out on Instagram using #pqSeason13 and #projectquilting


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3 Responses to #pqSeason 13!

  1. Kim Lapacek says:

    This is so gorgeous! Such a stunning creation!

  2. kathyreeves says:

    I love the way you used the ties over the blue background; it’s a fabulous pillow!

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