Kitchen Influence PQ13.3

This week on Project Quilting the prompt was “Kitchen Influence”. I love this as there is so much to do with the kitchen that is inspiring from food as art to food as ingredients to flavor profiles, to…and the beat goes on. And then there is the project itself. I could go as small as a mug rug or as large as a table covering.

But I knew the moment I saw the prompt exactly what my inspiration was and how I wanted to express it. A few weeks ago we got an advertisement for a wine sale. I just loved the visual that was used, and immediately began pondering how I could make this into a wall hanging.

The visual for the advertisement was the tiny little piece you see in the center of the first photo. So I enlisted the technical help of my husband to enlarge it, and enlarge it again, and again until we came up with a size that was useable.

Love this tool – the lightbox

After enlarging the pieces, I used the lightbox my sister gave me to trace the basic shapes on fusible web to build my glasses and bottles. The components were cut and adhered to a background, and I sewed around the pieces with black thread.

Once the blocks were completed, I put them together found a suitable backing and did simple vertical quilting lines the full length of the piece. The quilting isn’t straight or even, but it looks sort of organic.

Hubby holding up piece.

I opted for a facing instead of binding so the quilt would have more of a mid-century modern, Andy Warhol, art gallery feel.

Yes, I cook with wine

I’m calling this one “Yes, I cook with Wine”. Although not perfect or a “quality” piece, I love it.

Thank you Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams and Trisha Frankland of Quiltchicken for the inspiring challenges and opportunity to see what we can accomplish with these wonderful prompts.


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5 Responses to Kitchen Influence PQ13.3

  1. Marilyn Engelking says:

    Love it!

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  2. What a fun quilt to display in your home!!

  3. uhm – i ADORE this! Great work 🙂

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