Dazzling Diamonds

This girl was late to the party. But what an exciting entrance!

The inspiration for this weeks Project Quilting was diamonds. As in the shape of a diamond, or as hard as a diamond or…well there was plenty to work with as far as coming up with a way to execute a design using the inspiration.

Initially, I was not going to participate because the chances of me finishing timely was less than good. I had a wonderful planned visit to my friend Sandie, and my grandson Logan was coming to visit for the weekend so this was not my first priority. Still, once the idea hit me I wanted to participate. And I did finish, but not before the deadline. It was a fun project as well as one that I am pleased with the outcome.

A few years back I had participated in the Trinkets sewalong. I remembered that there was a foundation for diamonds in the pattern and ran off my foundations. I have found that newsprint paper tears much easier than standard office paper so that is my “go to”. The price is generally lower too. Then I dug through some stash, deciding on my color story, settling on a multi-color overall, with black and white backgrounds.

The blocks came together. At first I had decided there would be four, but that was really too small for anything useful, so then added five more for my nine.

The blocks coming together.

Once I finished the additional blocks I found something to use as the sashing that was the perfect size and color without digging too deep. Then there was the backing that was as close as I could get to a diamond in black and white. Honestly, the only thing that could have made this come together easier is if it had just put itself together. I LOVE the way these blocks work up and finish out.

Dahling it’s time for your closeup…

Project Quilting 13.4 Diamonds

A big thank you to Kim of Persimon Dreams and Trish from QuiltChicken for the inspiration and fun.

Hmm, maybe I should tidy up some of this creative chaos and do some laundry before the next challenge drops.


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4 Responses to Dazzling Diamonds

  1. Sandie says:

    I love it, D! It definitely says “diamonds”. Amazing with out of town and then house guest!

  2. kathyreeves says:

    That turned out great!

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