Just DO IT… Changing Direction

This week is the final challenge of Project Quilting Season 13. The prompt was “Flying Geese”.

First, I looked for some foundations I had purchased a couple of years ago from Alison Glass. They were nowhere to be found in my studio, which started a mass reorganizing event that will be ongoing for at least several weeks. More on that later. Then while looking for those foundations I did find a wearable vest pattern that I have been wanting to do for a long time.

Victory Garden Vest Circa 1995 But would I finish it on time.

Then I found a foundation pattern that I had printed off from Piece by Number called “A Circle of Geese”. (piecebynumber.com or bcheri.etsy.com) Although it didn’t seem like a very original or inventive idea, at least I might finish the project.

Off I went pulling out some of the same fabrics I’ve used for my other challenges. Hmm, a theme seems to have developed. The piecing began and was finished, and low and behold…

Seriously! Well fine then. Just going in a different direction. This from a gal that could get lost in a paper bag. Changing Direction is what I’m going to call this one. It is important when doing something directional or circular with paper piecing foundations that you pick up the right foundations. I picked one from the wrong pile.

And roll with it I did. I got braver with my quilting, although it’s still straight lines, there are more of them.

Initially I was going to use a grey on the geese and change out each color to outline the geese on the grey. Then I found a wonderful variegated thread that I’ve had and the colors worked well with the project.

And I’m going to make the deadline.

It’s been a great season, filled with inspiration and growth for this quilter. A shout out to Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams and Trish of Quiltchicken for their time, talent, organization and all around awesomeness for providing so many of us with these challenges and for everything that goes on behind the scenes. I am already looking forward to next year.

To see how others interpreted the challenge go to https://kimlapacek.com/2022/03/flyinggeesehtml and scroll to the bottom. So far there are over 140 projects done, and one hour to go.

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Creative procrastinator. Cock eyed optimist. Family historian - with the story being the important part. Quilt coach, lecturer and creator. Scrapbooker, card maker. Modern vintage. Wine lover. Explore new places, let's travel - let's go!
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5 Responses to Just DO IT… Changing Direction

  1. kathyreeves says:

    I love that pattern, and your independent goose!

  2. Sally says:

    Bad geese! lol. I love that you left in the wrong-way geese (like they’re joining in a congo line). It looks great.

  3. LOL!! Have you been taking paper piecing lessons from me? My project turned out mirror image of the way I designed it. Oops! I think your wayward geese add interest to your finished project. Congrats on meeting the deadline!

    • You went above and beyond, drafting your own pattern. I was impressed. I took a paper piecing class a couple of weeks ago, and even the instructor got a bit turned around with the simple pattern we were doing. Still, a lesson learned, I’m hoping it sticks. Piece! And thank you.

  4. Kim Lapacek says:

    LOVE it!

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