Frocktails with Richmond Really Sews

Last week I did a thing. I hadn’t done this in a very very long time. But before I could do the “thing”, I had to finish something.

For several weeks I’d been following a group on Facebook called Richmond Really Sews. I decided I would go to one of the meetings to check it out. The group is led by a retired costume designer that moved here several years ago from California. Karen is delightful, enthusiastic and empowering. She had put out a call for people to come sew with her. There were over 1000 responses from people that knew very little about sewing to others that know their way around a pattern. There are people of different backgrounds and ages and sizes. It’s a very diverse and beautiful group. And we “come together in friendship and we sew”. That’s the mantra.

For the celebration of the one year anniversary of Richmond Really Sews there was a fashion show. It all came together beautifully. The creations were gorgeous and as varied as the group. To see a great representation of what went on at our Frocktails Show check out the montage on Richmond Really Sews on Instagram.

That being shared, in order to participate, I needed a “frock”. It has been several years since I made something to wear, but I was confident I could do it. I wanted to make something that I would wear again.

Last month we went to a car show, and I just happened to notice that there were very few people dressed the era of the vehicles they were showing. Perhaps it was the extraordinaryily hot weather, but I’m thinking this may be the norm. Those that did “dress” for showing their cars did garner a little more attention. We will be showing and participating in car tours with our sweet 1956 Nash so I thought I would make something that would do double duty.

The pattern I chose was Butterick B6318.

Butterick B6318, my inspiration for Frocktails

Instead of making a “muslin”, I went right in for the dress. I cut it out put it together and tried it on and um, well, lets just say I spent some quality time with my seam ripper and remaking the bodice. It’s a lesson learned that off the rack and “bespoke” garments have a different fit. In the future, I will make certain that all of the “fitted” parts will be made in muslin, prior to the intented fabric.

There was this wonderful hat in one of my favorite thrift stores, and a rightous pocketbook in another and I dug through my closet and came up with my pretty red gloves.

Although there was a little nervousness, once I got on that runway I had a blast! And so did everyone else. The audience was so uplifting and the experience was incredibly empowering. I mean really…

Having fun on the runway
What a joyful experience!

Now for a little shameless self promotion. If you would like to create a “frock” of your own, check out the bargains in the Etsy shop. I have some wonderful fabrics priced to move.


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