Summer Class Work

This summer I took a class with my friend Sandy through the Virginia Consortium of Quilters. The Consortium meets four times a year, twice in person and twice via Zoom. The meeting for this class was in Culpeper, VA. I love Culpeper! There are several wonderful antique shops and an Amish store with lots of interesting tasty delights and a wide variety of restaurants. We stayed two nights so we could take advantage of the location and drive home well rested after class.

Our class was Modern Hexigon Table Runner. I took it because the sample photo was cute. That was in spite of the fact that I had sworn off hexies. Several years ago I tried my hand at EPP hexies and I lost interest quickly as my hand stitching is somewhat inconsistent and the project moved incredibly slowly. But this was promising and looked finishable.

We started right in as the class was full and took up two classrooms. That being said, never once did I feel that the instructor was overwhelmed. She was organized, her instructions were clear and she was available to any and all of us to answer questions.

Because of electrical issues we all shared irons. That didn’t really hold anyone up. Sandy had brought a cute little iron that we could use at our work table, which was very helpful. She is a great travel and quilting buddy, she thinks of all the stuff and is very organized!

These gorgeous French General fabrics are what Sandy worked with. I love how the look against the white.

It was exciting to see what everyone brought with them to work with.

We worked on our runners all day and even a little at the hotel that evening. I promptly brought mine home and put it aside to continue of another project I was working on.

Finally this week I have a finished table runner to share.

My Garden Variety Table Runner is complete.

I had so much fun working with this fabric. It truly pleased me that I had it in my stash and now it is in a cute “finish”. My difficulty was laying my hexies out so there was a consistent quarter inch in between each of them which then affected my quilting. Practice makes better, so maybe I will try this again.

If you have any ties to Virginia and enjoy quilting I would highly recommend joining the Virginia Consortium of Quilters. With the classes and meetings and retreat you will be inspired and meet many others interested in the craft we love so much. Check them out at and I hope to see you there sometime soon.

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4 Responses to Summer Class Work

  1. Kathi Salceies says:

    I am SO PROUD of you taking another turn at hexies ! ! ! I love your fabrics and I have loads of those in my stash, mind if I copy your idea? It’s so cute! Did you hand sew them down or tack them with glue and just top stitch over them? What size were your hexies? Right now, I am still enjoying making the 1/2″ ones, alternating with 1″ ones for my Grandmother’s flower garden I started years ago. Love your Diva Diversion posts…carry on…

    • One of the reasons I share this blog is to inspire. Of course you can copy the idea. These were tacked with glue and quilted over. The hexies were 1 1/2″. I might suggest 2″ and making the spacing between the hexies a 1/2″ to make it a little easier to line up. Or at least that is my idea for another one. Thank you so much for following my blog.

  2. Annie says:

    I loved seeing all the different fabric choices. Fun! I’ve done lots of hexies, but never set this way. May have to try……

    • It went faster than I anticipated it would. I may actually do this again and pay more attention to my spacing. The fabrics were sew much fun to play with. Thank you for checking out my post! I really appreciate it.

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