Two Simply Fabulous Finishes

It started with an invitation a baby shower.  Although I realized beloved and I would be away for the event, I knew I wanted to send something special. 

So much creativity starts with a mess.  I was pulling fabrics and settled on what I thought I wanted.  There were animals and bright colors and fish and a quiet grey that pulled it all together.  The pattern although flawed but free.  Still in spite of the flaw, the correction was easy and the piece went together well.  I thought perhaps it was “user error”. 

And then I walked back into the closet and found fabrics even more appropriate for the nursery of this precious little bundle.  I cut and sewed and verified that there was a flaw and it wasn’t “user error”, but still the top went together beautifully with one simple correction.

Can I tell you the name of the pattern?  Nope, I decided that there were bunches of patterns out there to choose from and recycled the pattern.  I can tell you it was offered as a free pattern in 2013 from one of the fabric sites.

Prior to leaving for vacation I dropped them with the quilter with my ideas about quilting knowing that the quilts were in good hands.

Quilt One I am calling City Zoo.  I love the varied animal prints, and the “blender” prints I used.  Seriously those hippos and blue monkeys and alligators look so friendly!

The backing is pieced.  I didn’t have enough of the animal wreaths, but the companion print worked nicely with it.  The affirmations in the wreaths though fill my heart with joy! “You make the world a better place” “you are pure delight” “my heart adores your heart”. Honestly I’d love to put this soft message on the back of all my baby quilts! I should have bought a bolt, but alas, it’s all gone. The flannel is cozy soft and the quilt is bound in flannel as well. 

The quilting pattern used by Deanna from Creative Quilting is a variation of the City Windows edge to edge pattern and per my request she quilted it in grey thread. 

This sweet generously sized baby quilt can be found for purchase at Click on quilts and you will find this and many other quilts pieced by me and quilted by one of my trusted quilters.

Quilt Two is Bespoke Water Baby.  There are two different mermaid prints as well as two different sea horse prints.  There is a fabulous octopus and some of Dear Stella’s whales. 

All of these are surrounded by schools of fish (by far one of my favorite prints ever!).  On the back is more Dear Stella fabric, some anchors and some fish.  Deanna quilted this with a design that we are calling “Moving Seaweed with Fish” It is an adapted edge to edge design she did specifically for this quilt. There is a fish in most every blocks. This will be in the mail tomorrow.

It was such a delight to be able to start and finish something with less than 40 hours of committment. I’m going to have to do something a little less involved (like these) once in a while!


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  1. kathyreeves says:

    Those are just lovely!

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