Same Pattern – Two Executions

It never ceases to amaze me how the exact same pattern can look so different by switching the fabrics.

Several years this pattern was introduced to me while I was on retreat with my sister Terry. One of her buddies (Cindy) was making this out of a gorgeous black speckled batik and a bright color that I’m having difficulty remembering right now. The thing that struck me was how simple the pattern was and how complex it looked.

The pattern is called Rolling Waves and it was offered in the MCcalls Quick Quilts magazine in September of 2008. Today it is still one of my favorites. Although not as “quick” as some, it is easy. As Cindy says you do get weary of making the same block over and over, but the practice is good and the reward is great. Just put on an audio book and go for it. Or break it down into warm up blocks. Before you know it you are done.

Using only two fabrics, this is what I completed. The first time I did this it was for a quilt for my mom. Hers too was made using only two fabrics.

Rolling Nine Patch – Two Fabrics

Then I looked through my scrap pile and thought “What if?” Seriously, don’t the best ideas start with “What if”! So I sorted through and pulled out all of my low volume black and whites and my solids and blenders and started to work.

Happy Scrappy Rolling Nine Patch

Isn’t this a fun quilt! I just love the way it worked up. And all the motion that the pattern creates is fascinating to me.

The pattern consists of three different nine patch blocks so this pattern is truly beginner friendly. And as you can see it can also be scrap happy.

I love the way each of these quilts worked up, and can see myself doing this again in the not too near future. Terry Burris Quilting did the quilting on both of these pieces.

Same pattern, different fabrics


Although I do not have this pattern available I’m pretty certain you can find it on the Quilting Daily Website or the McCalls free quilting patterns website.

However, if you are looking for a quilt pattern to inspire you, I have several wonderful quilt books available at the vintagevacouple etsy store. All are used and deeply discounted. Use the code DIVADIVERSION10 when you check out for an additional 10% discount.

Til next time…piece!


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3 Responses to Same Pattern – Two Executions

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Fabulous comparison and display of the same pattern looking completely different. I never would have believed it! WOW. It does make me want to make a version myself. Thanks for sharing! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Sandie says:

    I, too, never cease to be amazed at how different fabrics totally change the look of the quilt! Your two quilts, side by side, are a great illustration of “the fabric makes the quilt”.
    I’ve been exploring nine patch variations, so this has me thinking.
    Thank you, Diane, for forever inspiring me.

    • It’s so much fun to audition fabrics, but once in a while I will just run with something like I did the scrappy piece. It isn’t always as successful as this one. My sister reminds me of a piece she called “sea sick” where she just ran with an idea. I have a play date with some 5″ squares coming up. Can’t wait to see how they “grow”!

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