“She had high hopes, high apple pie in the sky hopes”


I am willing to admit that my 2nd Quarter List was a bit hopeful.  Did I make as much progress as I had hoped?  No.  Did I stick to my plan?  No.  In my defense I did make some progress, and although there was some distraction with a new, wait, maybe two new projects it was a good quarter.

Kinship Fusion 100 Blocks 100 Days 2019 is done!  And just in time too as on July 1st, the 2020 challenge began and I’m totally smitten with the fabrics I chosen.  But I do get ahead of myself.  Here is the finish.


My Summer Harvest table runner is finished.  This is such a perfect piece for this season and it’s just adorable!


It felt good to finish the “Freedom” quilt too.  The binding is on and it sits beautifully on the guest bed for the moment.  I was inspired by one of the ladies at the Fauquier Quilt Group, Sue Brinkman.  Sue had read the book and made the quilt and hand quilted it using pearle cotton.  I had quilt lust and a darn good stash of plaids.  The first top went together quickly and easily.  I put it aside to hand quilt.  My dear stepmom Sylvia admired it too, so I cut a kit for her out of my stash.  This is a good reason to show your work as you never know who you will inspire!  Unfortunately Sylvia never got to the quilt.  I finished this in her honor.  The quilt will go into my Etsy store (vintagevacouple), and partial proceeds will go to     which was one of her favorite charities.IMG_6770


Another accomplishment, although not complete are my plaid strip sets.  There was a lot of plaid work this quarter.  I was able to get two quilt tops made from those strata’s that I put together nearly 20 years ago.  I even pieced the backings and made the bindings.   Now they will go off to the longarmer. IMG_6848

Arabesque blocks just got trimmed.  And there was zip, zero, nada progress on Diamond Jubilee.

Fretwork is still incomplete; however I did piece the back.  And that adorable English paper pieced hexagon table cover, I found a back and pin basted that, but alas, that too is not in the finished pile.

Hoping I can do as well in the next quarter.  It’s such a blessing to be able to do this, and share my joy with you.



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Work in Progress Wednesday

Let me begin by saying it’s been quite an exciting couple of weeks. I’ll explain.

As I was going into my sewing room about 2 weeks ago, I looked through the door and my ceiling fan and light were on the floor. We never heard a thing. It was held up on the ceiling in a plastic box. So my beloved took the others apart and down and called an electrician.


I did a fair amount of tidying up those next couple of days as things had gotten a bit out of hand, and there was a lot of fabric on the floor. In fact there were piles of stuff everywhere. The electrician has come and gone, the repairs are done and I can see more of the floor than I’ve been able to see in months. The room in no means is clean, however it is tidier than it was. Shelly from Prairie Moon Quilts (PrairieMoonQuilts.com) has monthly tasks and challenges herself to do something in her studio every month to make it more organized. I need to take a page out of her book so things don’t get so out of hand.

Speaking of books I went to put a book on the shelf. The bookshelf failed. Well I decided to go through all the books on that shelf and the one beneath it to make sure these were books that I was going to use or enjoy. If not, they had to find a new home. So I’m nearly through the task of looking through many of my books and deciding what projects I would like to complete. Let’s just say I hope to live a very long time.

I did make progress on trimming my Arabesque blocks. Now I just need to lay them out the way I want them placed in the quilt.


And I got my Heritage Blocks up on the quilt wall and made a decision on sashing and posts. I’m hoping the border I have will work out nicely, but we will have to wait and see until the blocks are together.


One of my guilty pleasures is checking out what other bloggers are doing, and I love what Deanna has been working on at Wedding Dress Blue. She has this wonderful quilt-a-long that I just could not resist. After all I did pick up lots of fabric off the floor and I’ve been really good about cutting up my scraps into usable squares. If you have bunches of squares to use up this works up nicely.  https://weddingdressblue.wordpress.com/star-kissed-quiltalong


The UFO from my plaid strip tease is coming together nicely. I had several strata’s hanging around for years (read decades) and was not sure what I was going to do with them. This is going to be delightful.  And it will look so good on the bunkbeds in my grandsons room.


So many wonderful projects to keep my hands busy and my heart joyful.

I need to get these done as 100 Blocks 100 Days starts SOON. If you would like to participate go over and sign up with Gnomeangel at https://gnomeangel.com/come-sew-with-me

Hoping to see you soon with some fabulous finishes!  In the meantime, piece and stay safe.

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Finally a Finish!

Finally a finish!  Kinship Fusion, the 100 Blocks in 100 Days is done.   This was supposed to be my UFO challenge for February, however, there was illness and now it’s complete.

There was so much to learn through this process.

The first thing I learned and often it takes more than one lesson for the lesson to stick; “Prior planning prevents poor performance”.  We were given a coloring sheet prior to taking on the challenge, I didn’t use it.  However, I did pull from a few color families with a “look” that I thought I would like.

Working ahead made this task easier to keep up with on a daily basis, so it helped to be organized.  Now I will admit that if anyone was to walk into my sewing area during this period (or any other for that matter) “organization” would not be the first impression.  Can we agree that we are all “organized” in our own way?  I did keep this project in the front while I was working on it, and I allowed myself to work on other things as this project progressed.

Measure twice cut once.  This didn’t happen often, but when it did occur it was because I was rushing.

White shows EVERYTHING.  Like when points are dulled or things don’t match up exactly.

Practice makes better.  I did notice that as the blocks were stacking up, my piecing was improving.

Communicate with your Quilter.  I wanted the quilting to be angular, and it is, however I did not understand the scale of this particular design.  It turned out to be far larger than I anticipated.  And I had hoped for the quilting to be denser.


What I like about this quilt.  I LOVE the way it fits the bed.  I like a quilt to cover both the box spring and mattress.  For it to be larger than the sheet it covers.  This one does that nicely.


The Social Media component of this was great.  I got to see what other quilters were doing with their blocks and developed a following of my own.  The fussy cutting and use of color and theme truly was inspiring.  If you would like to see for yourself check out #kinshipfusionsampler on Instagram.

Would I do it again?  Oh YES!  And I probably will.  Angie from Gnome Angel is going to start a new 100 Day 100 Blocks on July 1.  For more information and patterns go to: https://www.gnomeangel.com/100day100blocks2020


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Working It! FAL2020 Quarter 2 List

Decisions, decisions!  With so many projects to work on it’s difficult to decide how to work through them and avoid the desire to start something new.  Although it is probably inevitable, if I can maintain some semblence of focus, perhaps I’ll have more finishes than starts.

Because I like to piece I have Project #9 The Arabesque Cake Mix Quilt on the list.


I have all the fabric and the pattern and I’ve started pressing.  This will hopefully fulfill my piecing desires.  If it doesn’t there is also this.


Diamond Jubilee has been pulled and boxed for over 5 years.  I have all of my supplies, I just need to get it done.  It is #14 on my annual list.

Freedom Plaid needs to be trimmed and binding to be made then applied as well as a label.  (Well maybe, I’m not a stickler for labels).


This one really should be an easy finish!  This is #42 on my list.

100 Blocks 100 Days 2019 should move quickly also.  I  just need to finish making the binding (I made it too short) and apply it.  And there is that label thing.  This was fun to piece and I enjoyed the comraderie of all of the others doing the quilt-a-long last year.  Truly the inspiration I got just seeing what others did with their blocks was amazing.  I might even join in this year!  If interested check out Gnome Angel and the Kindred Fusion Quilt-A-Long.  This project is #44 on the Finish-A-Long list.


Fretwork 2 the big one is project #44 on my list.  It is a very generously sized baby quilt.  I finished a smaller one this year and showed it in my Book Work post.  Finishing this means quilting as well as making and applying the binding.

Holding project spot #66 on the list is Plaid Strip Sets – a pair of quilts is constructed using strip sets I put together about 20 years ago.  The two quilts will be gifted to my son for his boys bunkbeds.  My goal is to get them pieced and to the quilter.  IMG_6652

I’m carrying over my Summer Harvest Table Runner Project # 46.  Unfortunately this did not get any attention in the first quarter, and still needs to be quilted and bound.


But I did get some progress done on my EPP Hexi Table Topper – Not much but some!  I HAND APPLIQUED IT TO THE BASE!  Those that know me understand that applique is not my forte.  But after hand piecing all those sweet hexies, I really felt the need to hand stitch it to the foundation.  Now I need to hand quilt it.  Again, not my strong suit but the project begs for it.


Like so many of you, I have been making masks for medical personnel, as well as family and friends.  It is difficult to admit, that it is not my favorite task. Admitting this makes me feel selfish.  I’m slow and don’t put out as many as some of the gals do.  When I spoke to my son and told him what I was doing, he thanked me for doing my part.  It was then that I once again saw how truly blessed I am to even be able to do this.  My little bit of work might help someone stay safe or provide comfort.  I don’t have the talent or know how or bravery it takes to be on the front lines fighting this virus, but I can “do my part”.  Thank you son, for making this clear.

May your piecing bring you peace.







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Finishalong Quarter One Finishes

Everybody sing, “She had High Hopes, she had high apple pie in the sky hopes!”

That being sung, (hahahaha – like what I did here).  In spite of going on a long vacation, I did get a few things moved forward and some completed.

I finished my sweet Patriot Hearts wall hanging that has been languishing for over 20 years.


Patriot Hearts

The piece travelled with me on vacation and I did most of the hand quilting during our down time.  It is quilted with double strands of Coats and Clark quilting thread from “back in the day”.


Quilting Detail

The quilting is a little primitive, as it’s been years since I quilted by hand, but I am satisfied with it.  I think a hoop might have improved things, but that being said, maybe not.

Another finish was Charmed.  I blogged about this piece earlier.


It needed binding a label and a sleeve.  All are done and it now is ready for the quilt show that is scheduled for October.

And then there is Free State Blue.  This is the second of my Free State Quilts.  Free State is the name of the block.  One of the quilts has a pretty green border and a toile back it is currently on the bed in my guest room.

Doesn’t it fit beautifully on the bed!  The second one is smaller, but there are things I love about it.

The backing and binding I just adore.  This one has a total of 49 blocks, where the green has 81. Terry Burris Quilting quilted both of these quilts.  The green one with a Baptist Fan allover and she did custom quilting on the blue.

There is one more of these with a mere 12 blocks, but that one is going to have to wait.  I really enjoyed making these blocks over the years (obviously if the number of blocks is any indication!).  Maybe the person I gifted the remaining cut pieces for another 30 or so blocks will have as much fun piecing them as I did.

Just a little progress was made on my English Paper Pieced Hexies.  But even a little progress is progress none the less.


This is a skill set I have yet to perfect.  Applique.  However, I did plod along and get the piece appliqued to the foundation.

There were three things on my list that I didn’t even touch.  They were the wall hanging with the antique pineapple blocks, the floral wreath wall hanging, and alas the Summer Harvest table runner.  I’ll decide if I am going to carry them over to Quarter 2, or set them aside AGAIN.

Stay safe out there, and take comfort in your craft.


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It was not my intent to start another quilt.  My intent was to finish quilts and works in progress.  Lots of them.

While I was digging around for binding for my Free State Quilt(s), I made a bit of a mess.  I did find the fabric that I wanted for my bindings and did complete the quilts.  They are lovely, and I will share them in my next entry.  But what I left behind was chaos in the bin and on the floor, and things just didn’t go in the same way, and as I dug around a bit more I found this pattern:

If you follow Shari Flinn or Buffy Harris on FB or Instagram you have seen their beautiful work.   The precision of their piecing, and the way they put fabrics together is swoon worthy.  For those of you not familiar with their work  check them out shariflinn and buffythequiltslayer both are on instagram.  There is some serious inspiration and aspiration there.  After seeing all of the progress they have made on some gorgeous pieces of work, I thought I would just see if I could pull something together with these prints.  Any progress is progress right?

The pattern is not difficult and was originally offered by Benartex several years ago.  You can still get the pattern for free!  It can be found here:  https://bearcreekquiltingcompany.com/media/uploads/2014/12/18/files/Heritage_Quilt_Pattern_by_Benartex.pdf

Now, I say it wasn’t difficult, but I did have a wonderful little romance with my seam ripper.  On about one out of three blocks I would sew my points on the wrong way.

That being said though, I did finish my blocks.


I love them.  The pattern calls for 20 to make a quilt that finishes out at 52″ x 63″.  I made 37.  Some are duplicates.  My hope is to make the quilt a bit bigger and to make some pillow shams to match.  Now I need to find a piece large enough to get the sashing and borders.  But that will have to wait UFO’s are calling.  And shopping is going to have to wait until “isewlation” is over.

Where do you find inspiration?



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Don’t Fence Me In a.k.a. The Wooly Bully

Don’t Fence Me In, the wool quilt from the first quarter of my Finish-A-Long is done and sent to its forever home.  This quilt was inspired by a photo my daughter Meaghan had found in a Pottery Barn Catalog over ten years ago.  Although this quilt doesn’t come close to an exact replica of the photo she shared, the inspiration is there.

The quilt was created using several curated wools from G-Street and thrift shops.  Cutting the wool required a zig zag blade in my rotary cutter and I went through two of them.  Even with the pinked edges, there was a LOT of debris on my cutting surface, in my bobbin and until I got it all together, on me.  Originally the blocks were log cabins then mid-stream I started making H blocks.  The placement of the log cabin blocks remind me of neighborhoods.  When I figured out what I had and what I needed I ended up with the H blocks surrounding the log cabins.  I found a lovely piece of wool blend for the backing.

This pleased me but also called for a change of name.  Originally I was going to call this the Wooly Bully.  When the project grew, it was a beast to move about.  And it was heavy.  But I titled this one “Don’t Fence Me In” as the H blocks resembled fencing to me.  It might have also had something to do with what was going on in the news during my piecing.

Terry Burris Quilting did the quilting, using a wool batting.  I put on the binding and off it went to Meaghan in Maine, where it’s warmth would be appreciated.

87387781_623831698405101_9047878560743686144_n (1)

I am grateful for Meaghans inspiration as well as her gratitude and the PHOTO when she received it, as I totally forgot to take one prior to sending it out to her.  This quilt is a warm hug from me to her.

Although not on my “List”, I made a little update in my kitchen.


Lemons!  My new valance in the window.  The lemon yellow matches the wall perfectly and was just what I needed to feel that spring is right around the corner!

More projects are nearing the finish line in this first quarter of the Finish-A-Long, and I can’t wait to get them done to share with you!

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I’d Be Charmed

My first finish of the year.  And it was not my original plan.  Actually, I didn’t remember my original plan until I found the pattern after I had pieced the quilt together.  That being said it probably would not have worked out the way I wanted.


This beauty started out in 2006 for a retreat I helped coordinate with the Fauquier County Quilters.  My co-coordinator was Karen Goula, who was instrumental in my getting anything done.  The retreat went without a hitch without this particular quilt.

The initial charm quilt was this one.  It’s a little long and not very wide as the apartment I was living in at the time had too much stuff for the space I inhabited so anywhere I laid it out was narrow.  Truth be told, I probably got bored and decided it was finished before it was supposed to be.  Terry Burris Quilting took on the job of quilting this beast.


There are a whopping 1274 pieces in this quilt.  It measures 81″ x 121″  which is awkward and doesn’t really fit a queen size bed (or any bed for that matter).  I’m considering cutting it in half and just binding the edges providing I can find the fabric I used originally.  Each half would still be over 600 pieces and the quilts would be more manageable and useful.

Charm quilts were popular during the 1870’s when factories were putting out a generous amount of fabric.  The quilts were also known as Odd Feller quilts referring to the idea that no two pieces of fabric would be identical.  The  quilts are a one patch quilt composed of only one template.  The other name for these quilts was Beggar Quilts because the women would ask their friends, neighbors and family members for bits of fabric to collect enough scraps to complete their quilt.

These delightful “Charmers” were constructed with a minimum of 999 pieces of fabric and no two pieces of cloth were identical.  A story evolved where mothers would make coverlets and quilts of different fabrics with the exception of two.  When the children would be recuperating from illness they would be kept busy trying to find the matching fabrics.  Another reason that one might find a duplicate would be that the quilter lost track of the material she already used, or received the same fabric from two different friends.

More recently, during the Millennium, many quilters celebrated by constructing quilts containing 2000 different fabrics.  After doing this one, I can’t imagine doing one with twice as many pieces.

During the end of October into November I kept tripping over and moving the box with this project in it.  Although I had plenty of other projects to complete, this was the one yelling the loudest and constantly tripping me up, so on the design wall it went.  I worked vigilantly and there were times I really would have preferred to work on something else (REALLY)  but I kept with it.  If I had put it away I probably would have never got back to it.

The quilt was inspired by the book The Classic American Quilt Collection One Patch put out by Rodale Press in 1995.  The pattern is called Natural Balance.  Construction is simple but you need to pay attention to color placement in order to make the pinwheels.  I’d Be Charmed has 1024 pieces.  I’m pretty certain you won’t find any two exactly alike.  She measures a generous 80″ square.  Quilters Corner in Midlothian did the quilting.  The backing came from AQS.


Although I had signed up for this to be my finishalong 4th quarter finish, it just didn’t make the deadline.  Still late to the party is better than no party at all!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’d love to hear about your “Charming” experiences!

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Every year around this time I make an effort to tidy up my sewing space.  Generally it is a chaotic workspace with several projects going on at one time.

Over the years I’ve started projects, and for one reason or another moved on to a different project before finishing one that I had started.  Some projects would be started for a retreat, or at a retreat.  Others might come from a class.  And still others might come from some sort of challenge.  Working and moving might have a change in priorities and things get pushed aside.

Well this year I stated making a list of my UFO’S (unfinished objects).  I did this once before and it sort of shocked me.  This time was no different.  I haven’t finished tidying up yet and so far I have 50 projects that need finishing.  And as I look over the list, I know that there are at least another dozen projects in a bin somewhere in that room that also need something done to complete them.

That being said, this is the year of the UFO.  I’ve found this wonderful FINISHALONG challenge.  You can find all the details here:  https://sarahgoerquilts.com/2020-finish-a-long/  What I like about this one is it is quarterly so I can chose more than one thing to finish, or if I have a lot to do on a specific project I can focus on that and hopefully get it done.  Also, you can start at any quarter.  So if you don’t participate in Q1, that doesn’t keep you from participating in Q2.

Also this year I am participating in the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge, as well as Quilter’s Corners Ready, Set, Goal 2020.  Funny thing though, each challenge picks it’s own project number for the month, and I have found that they don’t necessarily match.  Ready, Set is #3 (Don’t Fence Me In) and APQ is #2 (Free State Green).  It’s going to be busy!

Without dragging my feet any further, my finishalong goals for Q1 are:

#4 Finish my Antique Pineapple Blocks wall hangingIMG_5003

#5 Finish the Floral Wreath Wall Hanging started at least 15 years ago.


#30  Patriot Hearts needs to be hand quilted and bound


#46 Summer Harvest Table Runner needs to be quilted and bound


#47 Hexi Table Cover has to be appliqued to the base and quilted


Well, I’d better get busy!  Thanks for stopping by.  I’d love to hear if you have any quilting goals this year and what tools you use to keep you on track.

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Book Work

Some people iron as they need something to wear, I iron on Sunday morning.  And I sit while I’m pressing away with the television on.  Most Sundays I am entertained by Jane Pauley as I watch Sunday Morning.  This has been my habit for at least a decade.  Maybe two.  But if there is more pressing time than Jane time I’ll watch Sewing With Nancy or Quilting Arts.

Sewing With Nancy is entertaining and provides some simple approachable lessons, and there are retail opportunities to purchase the products that the program is focused on from Nancy’s Notions.  Of course, if your are a good note taker you don’t have to purchase, but again, the opportunity is there.  Much earlier this year I was watching and this creative quilter, Judy Gauthier, was Nancy’s guest.  She showed this adorable quilt called Packages, Boxes, and Bows.  Very colorful and a great use of scraps.  So was her Color Brick Road and Rectangles Squared quilts.  But she got me with Fretwork.

I enjoyed working on this so much that I made two tops and cut a third.  This will be a wonderful charity quilt!  This is my smaller version.


The instructions are for a baby quilt that finishes at 60 1/2 x 75 1/2 which I find huge for a baby quilt.  When I finished the first top I decided that for my purposes it doesn’t need to be that big.  Mine is 45 1/2 x 60 1/2 and plenty big enough for me to quilt.  It’s also a great size to have in the vehicle or for a toddler to drag around.

You’ve got to love the simplicity of a nine patch!


The “pieced” blocks are done reverse applique, and we are instructed not to overthink the process and allow the blocks to be wonky to add more whimsy and visual interest.

What I liked was I had everything I needed.  I didn’t have to go to the store as the pieces are small 5 1/2″ squares and 4 1/2″ squares.  What made me a little uncomfortable was the chance that there might be some raw edges in the corners if I didn’t pay close enough attention to that pressing.  Then again, these are not meant to be heirloom pieces, just working quilts.

And look what I had in my stash for the back!


Was this perfect!?!  I’m over the moon that it’s done.

The name of the book is Rainbow Quilts for Scrap Lovers by Judy Gauthier.  You can get it at Nancy’s Notions, https://www.nancysnotions.com as well as other retailers.  The book was released in 2017 so it might even be at your local quilt shop.

There will be others to show from this book in the next couple of years.

Oh, and have a Happy New Year!


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